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Emma Troude-Beheregaray


Born in France, I was lucky enough to travel all around Europe with my family throughout my childhood. I was always interested in a lot of different careers, however it wasn’t long before translating stood out as a way of combining two of my main passions: discovering the world and using different languages.

My first attempt at translating dates back to a time when, as a young and curious teenager, I tried my hand at translating the back cover of the last Harry Potter book, which had only been released in English at the time… Many years later, I have now developed my translation skills and am able to translate a plethora of text types.

After studying literature and languages at the University of Bordeaux, where I acquired a broad cultural awareness and excellent research and writing skills, I moved to London to finish my English degree. Upon falling in love with the UK, I ended up staying for more than three years, during which time I obtained a BA in Italian and a Masters in Translation and Interpreting.

I then had the chance to improve my Italian – and to develop my appetite for Italian cuisine – by spending over two years in Italy. This experience helped me to further broaden my cultural horizons, which I continue to do now that I am back in France, in Lyon.

I primarily prioritise projects that give me the chance to express my literary sensitivity. The human aspect of my job is also extremely important to me, which is why I always take the time to discuss my clients’ needs and expectations with them personally so that we can make sense together.

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Emma Troude Beheregaray

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